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If browsing back through my posts you will see some past editions, as now past 52,000 visits ( according to Google Stats ) I thought another look in the archives, this time Edition 52 which was January 2007 !

Yes another month and nude year, I'm a bit late, so finally updating the below content.

Q. Seen anything in the papers & mags ?
  • Spotted the following items in my daily tabloid paper, The Sun ....
    1. Missed in November a small Sun Spot paragraph revealing "actress Nicole Kidman, 39, admits she has no problems baring ALL for sex scenes - and doesn't know why "nudity is such a big deal". Hey we all agree ! ( 22/11 ).
    2. The paper gives centre page & half to top heading of CALENDAR GIRLS FILM SPARKS STRIPPING CRAZE with main and familiar heading of Happy Nudes Year ! with examples of ladies disrobing for local calendars. The pages show "a selection of revealing 2007 stars" - all female from the large jumping girls of Canterbury Rugby Club to the rear of a Nottingham lass doing some trainspotting. Most examples are wearing some form of underwear so they're not exactly NUDE are they ? Nice to see the craze still going strong some 3 years after the movie's release.( 30/12 ).

    3. Best way (1) .. to get attention on YouTube.com. Ride naked "around a villge on a tiny motorcycle .. swerving past cars and waving to passer-by." The picture titled One tiny chopper referring to his bike was filmed "to put a smile on people's faces" by prankster Adam Connop from the West Midlands and lasts 30 seconds but "has taken the internet by storm." Wind assisted ? ( 05/01 ).

    4. Best way (2) .. to row across the Atlantic. "Row naked to avoid chaffing from saltwater-soaked clothes. [The "Four Royal Marines"] are seen in La Palma, in the Canaries - and will set off tomorrow for the 2,878-mile voyage to Barbados. The current record is 35 days .. by EIGHT French rowers in 1992." They are pictured covering up as sponsored by the helpful newspaper - see side of boat. Good Luck .. more wind assistance but I know a much easier way to the Carribean and a tour operator for that naked trip ( 13/01 ).

    5. Do you remember the paper's daily cartoon about a couple called George & Lynne by Conrad and Gaul ( see edition 46 ) ?. Yes the characters who always seem to be in a state of undress and today's story shows wife Lynne having a shower and thinking about ... the nudist camp ! It's not a topic that tops my shower thoughts but she is reflecting :
      LYNNE ( Picture 1 ): "There was a fire at the local nudist camp, but fortunately no one was hurt..."
      LYNNE ( Picture 2 ): "...The Fire Brigade suspect the blaze was started by a naked flame!"
      Yes keep the British humour coming ... it's amazing what you can draw for a family paper ( 22/01 ).
  • On the subject of nude calendars ( see above & below ), I noticed in the sports section of my local paper News Shopper an item titled Ladies leave kit on the courtside with a photo of a member of "a netball team [who] has bared all in an attempt to raise temperatures and cash [ for Wealden Club to combat ] the costs of away travel, accommodation, kits and training venues." The club has produced "a limited edition calendar, which shows off its players in a revealing light .. for £7.99." Yes, I bet all the buyers love shooting the ball through the hoop ( 17/01 ).
  • Another item in my local paper News Shopper which shows the other side to nudity with heading titled Naked man causes traffic chaos which tells of "motorists [who] had to swerve to avoid a naked man on a busy main road. .. A passer-by attempted to speak to him and see if he was alright at about 8.10pm on January 17. But the [61-year-old] man did not respond and walked to [another] road [in Bromley, Kent], where he got down on all-fours in the middle of the road. He was arrested .. taken to .. a [local] mental health unit in .. Farnborough." It's sad but I wonder with all my blog rantings if one day I'll end up like him ( 24/01 ).
Q. Seen anything on tv ?
  • The Chrismas tv schedules gave us the tv premiere showing of Calendar Girls ( BBC-1, Xmas Eve 21:30 ) about the Yorkshire Women's Institute who raised funds for a local hospital by posing nude with everyday objects covering body parts for a calendar. The calendar became an international hit and starred Helen Mirren ( once voted Nudist Of The Year by someone ? ) and Julie Waters. Enjoyable film tale for evening entertainment.
    Further nudity was seen in another tv premiere showing of Mrs Henderson Presents ( BBC-1, Fri 29/12 21:00 ) about a rich widow who opens a London theatre during the war with nude statue women on stage. The comedy drama movie starred Dame Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins who in one scene had to display his manhood & naked body in order for peace from the stage girls much to the shock/amusement of entering Mrs H. A more revealing entertainment but done with the best possible taste.
    Strange that both 'nude' subjects were based on real-life stories ( 31/12 ).
Thanks again for visiting, so till the next time enjoy any sun if you can !


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Time flies eh, enjoy 2014 !


50,000 Thanks

According to Google's stats this blog is about to past 50,000 visits/hits ! 

Wow I started here in April 2006 and before that Steve's Nudes Letter was based at Tripod. It started in July 2000 and closed with Edition 89 in June 2010 looking at hundreds of news clips & tv items.

Below is a recreation of that very first edition ...

Q. Why am I writing this web page ?
In this new Millennium the public still seem to get in an uproar about the naked body ... why oh why ? The fuss over C5's showing of The Naked Jungle - a Crystal Maze for naturists was harmless fun.

Q. What about you ?
I'm a heterosexual, single guy of 40-ish who has experienced going 'naked' on holidays abroad & made some visits to local resorts & clubs.

Q. Are you a naturist or nudist ?
According to my copy of The Oxford Dictionary a naturist is a 'nudist' and a nudist is a 'person who advocates or practises going unclothed'. Well I must be both ... on an occasional basis.

Q. What type of nudist are you ?
There are boundaries of taste. So I am firmly a 'private' nudist who likes to enjoy the rare glimpses of the sun. If I sun-bathe nude I like to do it in the right environment within the walls of a club or on a 'public' designated beach for nudists away from prying eyes. Take Brighton Beach with no privacy, the public sit at the top and just look down on the naked ones. Who are the sorrier ones ?

Q. So why are you a nudist ?
I enjoy the relaxation of no clothing. It's not a full-time occupation you know, it just appeals at the moment due to the warmer weather. My first experience of swimming nude was quite refreshing. I get annoyed at the 'posers' who stand or walk along the beach shore with their all-over tan. Hey when I exit the water or sea I make straight for that beach mat or chair.

Q. So do you have that all-over tan ?
Sadly no despite many attempts in hot climates there are parts of this body that won't tan. I won't give up trying ... perhaps that's the fun !

Q. Do you fancy being a smoothie ?
I saw this programme on C5 about a group of naturists who shave off their body hair ( excluding the head of course ) and go on country walks. I initially thought STRANGE but ... if you experiment it's does give your body a different tone & look. What I do find strange is to become a member of this club men must be circumcised ? I'm awaiting a reply on that one.

Q. If given the chance would you walk down your local High Street naked ?
NO ... the same applies to tv shows and streaking across sports pitches. Good Luck to anyone who gains enjoyment from the experience alas the majority of the viewing public would probably feel differently.

Q. Do you shed your clothes at home ?
I get the impression by the public that they think nudists are strange people because they shed their clothes. If they decide to do it in the privacy of their home that's up to them. Another of the C5's programmes showed a naked group enjoying an evening meal - good for them. I occasionally relax with no clothes .. curtains drawn of course.

Q. Do you belong to a club ?
No ... there seems to be a misconception that single male naturists are a menace and they want to pry on family naturists which is rubbish. I made enquiries to a local club and received replies of "Can't you bring a friend ?". There are others like Silverleigh which I visited last year on a couple of occasions which accepts singles on certain times. It's a bungalow with a back garden which leads to a small indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna & steam rooms. I also made a one-off Friday visit to Eureka last year, found the experience of sun-bathing & walking around their gardens different but didn't strike up much conversation with its members/guests due to being a quiet day. Also it's seems unfair that single guys still have to pay more to visit these type of clubs which proves costly over a period of time unless you can afford their annual fees.

Till the next time ... here's looking at you !


A final thanks for your continued interest here.

Cheers !


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